My Story

It is hard to believe that I have been doing flowers in some way since 1999. (That very statement makes me feel like I'm aging... rapidly!) My first job senior year in high school was working for a flower shop and this is where I learned it all. From the nitty gritty and unglamorous details of cleaning the cooler, to floral and plant care, to processing the flowers, to design and the importance of color, texture, and movement. I didn't realize this then, but I had fallen in love.  So early on I had found my calling in life, and I had found my passion. It was only after my received my Master's Degree in a related field, Landscape Architecture, did I realize this. I left the corporate world for a much more creative and passionately driven career: being a Floral Designer.  It's funny how I'm right back to the very beginning. 

This journey has given me a well rounded approach to my design practice. Tying in the knowledge and skills I learned as a Landscape Architect has made my approach to florals a bit more unique. I love to find unexpected elements, specimens, and textures to add to my designs. Why is this important? Because the culmination of these skills gives me the ability to best tell my clients love story through flowers.   I love hear about what makes your story unique and how we can translate your individualism to your wedding and social event decor. It is my passion to take your breath away when you see your wedding bouquet, to take your breath away as you walk down the aisle towards your ceremony,  and onward to the reception! Flowers have the power to transcend a moment in time, the power to transform a space, and the power to make your heart skip a beat.  My hope to to achieve all three of those benchmarks for you and continue to wow your heart in the future! 

I can't wait to share my passion with you! 


Post Script

When I am not in the studio playing with flowers, you will find me either chasing after my three year old, or caring for my newborn baby girl.  My two littles keep me on my toes (and so does my big guy- my hubby ;)!